L’Oreal Too Dimensional?

L’Oréal Colour Riche Too Dimensional?

This manicure didn’t turn out as I had hoped; I was trying to freehand triangles and dots along the sides, but the end result looks more like bear paws. L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Too Dimensional? (Holiday 2013 Gold Dust collection) is a gold texture glitter with violet hexagons in a purple base. It is opaque immediately and dries to a sandy finish. Shown here in one coat over two coats of Essie Sexy Divide.  

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Essie Sexy Divide


Essie Sexy Divide

Essie Sexy Divide is a royal purple creme with a satin shimmer in the bottle that disappears on the nail (rats). I was hoping this would be the purple sister to Essie Aruba Blue, but alas, like a picture of a condo swimming pool, that shimmer is just for attracting buyers. Maybe it’s because I tried to slap it on while waiting on the platform for my morning train, but my formula had tiny bubbles and went on patchy. Dang it! Shown here in two coats with a freehand design I made with L’Oreal Colour Riche Too Dimensional? (Holiday 2013 Gold Dust collection) texture glitter. 

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Review: LaNeige BB Cushion

   My couch and bed are full of cushions. What’s one more in my house? Got that LaNeige BB Cushion SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen that Target was giving away while supplies lasted. I’ll be your guinea pig any time Tar-jay.   

The kit comes with three sample colors, a miniature version of the antimicrobial puff (minus the strap to secure your fingers in), and a sample packet of  Water Bank Moisture Cream (not pictured) which, according to the package, “strengthens and retains moisture 24 hours.”  

When you dab the puff into the makeup-soaked sponge, it picks up plenty of product but promptly absorbs it, so apply to your face quickly. I used a swift, dabbing motion. 

Results: medium coverage and a moisturized glow! I have one blemish I couldn’t cover no matter how many times I tried. Dark works for my skin tone. Medium was too light so I know Light wouldn’t work. Verdict: Would buy. Nice going Target Freebie Thinktank. 

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Review: Essie Neons 2014 Too Taboo Collection

Is it officially summer yet? Because I want to bust out the neons! 

Here are four of the six colors from the Essie Neons 2014 Too Taboo Collection: Essie Too Taboo (fuchsia), Essie Vices Versa (lime), Essie Chills and Thrills (indigo) and Essie I’m Addicted (aqua)I’ll be honest, application of neons is always tedious for me because you have to put them on over white undies, and then the clean-up around the edges can reveal the white again. A lot of starting over. This bunch was no exception, but what gorgeous results! Found on sale for $4.99/ea at 6pm.com

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SWATCHED: Sinful Colors Opalescent Toppers

I’ve got the three limited edition Opalescent toppers from the Sinful Colors Spring 2015 Spring Fever display I spotted and told you about on Instagram in early March. 

The green is called Sheer Flight, The purple is Flight to See, and the blue (ring finger) is Prized Plume. As you can see it closely resembles a permanent shade called Love Nails, shown on the pinkie. To the Duperatory!  Just how close are Sinful Colors Love Nails and Sinful Colors Prized Plume? Close enough that I took the topper back. Prized Plum has a touch more green. The toppers are shown in three coats over OPI Bubble Bath, so I am sure that over the right blue I can get it to look exactly like Love Nails. I am not a fan of repeats in my collection (unless you’re talking about the discontinued Sally Hansen Pacific Blue original formula–the BEST BLUE), so for me it is not worth keeping. Doesn’t make it any less beautiful! Just redundant. 

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Julep Renee

Julep Renee is a spring lilac creme that is opaque in one coat! 

This is a #onecoatwonder to coin a term I have heard used by Karen (@manigeek) Falcon. Julep polish is 5-Free and vegan. Gotta love it!

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OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest

OPI Every Month is Oktoberfest (Fall 2012 Germany Collection, now in permanent line) is a glowing burgundy shimmer in a gorgeous, dark blue base.   

This is two easy coats plus top coat.  


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Dupe Test: Two Reds

Happy Friday Friday!  Are you seeing double double?   Not only do these colors look alike but they have repeating words in their name! Could they be twins? To the Duperatory!     After one coat the two seem similarly opaque with pink undertones, but 2 coats shows OPI dries down to a darker red.   The results of the dupe test are in! These two lovely reds are NOT dupes. 

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L.A. Girl Color Pop Extra! Extra!


Glitter me this! L.A. Girl Color Pop Extra! Extra! is a fun, multi-colored matte glitter that is pretty densely packed! Shown here in two coats.

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Essie Back In The Limo

Essie Back In The Limo (Winter 2014 Jiggle Hi, Jiggle Lo collection) is a light peach crelly that self-levels and sets like a perfect Jell-O mold. 

A fun color to wear through spring or summer, and apparently winter since that is when it came out. It’s a bit lighter and not as cantaloupe as Resort Fling. Shown here in two glossy coats with L.A. Girl Extra! Extra! accent nail and Kensington Caviar top coat. 

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