Review: LaNeige BB Cushion

   My couch and bed are full of cushions. What’s one more in my house? Got that LaNeige BB Cushion SPF 50+ Broad Spectrum Sunscreen that Target was giving away while supplies lasted. I’ll be your guinea pig any time Tar-jay.   

The kit comes with three sample colors, a miniature version of the antimicrobial puff (minus the strap to secure your fingers in), and a sample packet of  Water Bank Moisture Cream (not pictured) which, according to the package, “strengthens and retains moisture 24 hours.”  

When you dab the puff into the makeup-soaked sponge, it picks up plenty of product but promptly absorbs it, so apply to your face quickly. I used a swift, dabbing motion. 

Results: medium coverage and a moisturized glow! I have one blemish I couldn’t cover no matter how many times I tried. Dark works for my skin tone. Medium was too light so I know Light wouldn’t work. Verdict: Would buy. Nice going Target Freebie Thinktank. 


About Abbi Crutchfield

Abbi Crutchfield is a comedian and host of You Can Do Better on truTV. She has been featured on NBC, VH1, CollegeHumor and in national commercials. She is a contributor to Someecards, and her jokes are listed among the Best Tweets of the Year by Huffington Post Comedy. She is a UCB alum and produces the popular stand-up hour The Living Room Show weekly in Brooklyn.
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