How to Save A Life (I Mean Nail)

Nooo! Whyeeeee?! A giant tear in my nayo. And I just have them this gorgeous color!   

How does it happen? Not enough nail oil at night? Are splits just inevitable? I have learned that in times of trouble it’s best not to say, “Why me?” But, “What now?” So say a prayer, take a deep breath, and let’s see if we can fix this.


1.Remove polish to inspect the damage. 2.Clip carefully across (parallel to nail bed) and vertically (perpendicular to nail bed) to see how long you can leave the tip. 3. Shape with gritty side of file 4. Buff across nail bed for uniform surface. 5. Paint and find your new normal as you heal from this catastrophe. 


About Abbi Crutchfield

Abbi Crutchfield is a comedian and host of You Can Do Better on truTV. She has been featured on NBC, VH1, CollegeHumor and in national commercials. She is a contributor to Someecards, and her jokes are listed among the Best Tweets of the Year by Huffington Post Comedy. She is a UCB alum and produces the popular stand-up hour The Living Room Show weekly in Brooklyn.
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