Chrome on Over Baby

Chrome nails flatter any face that is professionally made up and cradled by the hand in a thoughtful pose.

Metallic nails are a look I thought best left on the Tin Man. I owned one silver bottle that I thought could only be used for winter parties so I ignored it as a trend when Sally Hansen released their Color Foils in June 2014. I hadn’t even heard of their Chrome Nail Makeup line released earlier. That collection appears to be comprised of pinks, reds and silvers so thank goodness they got the memo from my grandma who told them metallic blue foil is not just for corn muffins anymore!

Sally Hansen Color Foil “Cobalt Chrome” is a bright metallic blue (that leans so far over to cornflower it would have to send a postcard to cobalt).

Metallic polishes highlight imperfections in the nail like the Princess feels the Pea, so apply it to a bare nail. No base coat!

Apparently metallic polishes are famous for streaking–what the Nailluminati call it when your polish leaves visible brush strokes instead of one flat, smooth application. Color Foils dry fast on the nail so you have to get more on your brush than the typical formula and work with cat-like quickness to spread it evenly. FYI: as fast as they are, cats are horrible at painting their own nails.

Nailluminati member Michelle from All Lacquered Up recommends painting one stroke down either side and finishing with a stroke down the middle.

I topped my nails with Sally Hansen Big Shiny Top Coat so the brush strokes would go away. Apparently that just enhances it. Like a computer in a movie scene of a police department trying to make sense of grainy footage. “Enhance!” Click click. “Enhance!” Click click. “Now we see the license plate. Amazing technology we have given the parking lot security camera only captures cracker-sized pixels at night.”


This about sums it up: I was missing out big time by ignoring this trend! It takes longer to apply since I have to use careful concentration, but the results are worth it.

Nailluminati Status: Metallic Nails level achieved.

What trend did you sleep on but plan on getting around to eventually? Let me know in the comments!


About Abbi Crutchfield

Abbi Crutchfield is a comedian and host of You Can Do Better on truTV. She has been featured on NBC, VH1, CollegeHumor and in national commercials. She is a contributor to Someecards, and her jokes are listed among the Best Tweets of the Year by Huffington Post Comedy. She is a UCB alum and produces the popular stand-up hour The Living Room Show weekly in Brooklyn.
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