Cats vs Dogs


While my dog was sniffing the various bushes in one of the concrete triangles Brooklyn calls a park, I spied a cat peering from one of them. I gently guided Max away from that particular bush because all of the cats in my neighborhood know Kung Fu.

When we were far enough away I turned back to see the cat, still shrouded in shrubbery, but with his eyes fixed on us. I gave him a slow blink. He gave me a slow blink back. I moseyed away with my dog who had no idea that whole exchange took place.

Where do you stand on the cats and dogs debate? Let the fur fly in the comments!


About Abbi Crutchfield

Abbi Crutchfield is a comedian and host of You Can Do Better on truTV. She has been featured on NBC, VH1, CollegeHumor and in national commercials. She is a contributor to Someecards, and her jokes are listed among the Best Tweets of the Year by Huffington Post Comedy. She is a UCB alum and produces the popular stand-up hour The Living Room Show weekly in Brooklyn.
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