Love Wins

The Supreme Court just legalized gay marriage, and not only is it widely considered a win for equality it is also a win for love. #LoveWins is trending across social media, so I decided to do a Love Wins Mani in celebration!    The entire manicure is inspired by Sinful Colors Pride a gorgeous rainbow metallic glitter. I decided to see if I have a bottle of Sinful in every color of the rainbow. Turns out I do! 

  Here are the nails, carefully two-sided free-hand style. Two coats of color each. I layed down a primer of NYC Strip Me Off Base Coat because of the glitter. Then I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White, Sinful Colors Ruby Ruby, Sinful Colors Courtney Orange, Sinful Colors Otaku Anime, Sinful Colors Happy Ending, Sinful Colors Endless Blue, and Sinful Colors Let’s Talk. I sealed the deal with Glisten and Glow HK Girl Fast Drying and Super Shiny Clear Top Coat.

  How did I do painting with my left hand?

 Ugh. It was even harder to get the lettering legible, and I accidentally drew the heart upside down. Oops! Love still wins. 


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Checkin’ for Dupes in M’Stash

I got a box full of dupes a couple of days ago for $2.99!   

I was actually just curious about whether the color on the far right matched Zoya Remy, but when I opened it up and looked more closely I found a treasure trove of similarities to my stash! Come inside and take a look!   These are my uber-glittery blue-greens. Any long lost twins in there? To the Duperatory !  Close but no cigars! My #ccnaDupeTest of all my sparkly blue greens results in a unique set of colors after all. Phew! Keepers, all of them. 

In other double-take news, I scored a sparkly, golden-green Julie G at Lot-Less for $1.49 then brought it home to find a look-alike in my stash. Just how close are these–twins or cousins? To the Duperatory!  

The results? Not exaaaactly alike, but so freaking close!   

Julie G Shimmer Island has more densely packed gold glitter and a sheerer base, so it seems more yellow than green. Revlon Tantalize is more opaque in two coats and gives off that deep intense chartreuse gleam! Had I applied three coats of Shimmer Island I suspect the differences between the two would be imperceptible to the naked eye. Tell your eyeball to put some clothes on!

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Sinful Colors No Text Red!

Sinful Colors No Text Red (Fall 2014) is a cherry red crelly with the tiniest amount of red sparkle that was released in an effort to get folks to stop texting while driving. Shown here in two coats. I found it hiding in the Ruby Ruby column of a much-picked-over SC display in Duane Reade, but according to other recent Instagram posts, this color has been re-released for the same campaign.   

You can only see the sparkle if you put your eye close to the nail. 

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Spotted: New Sally Hansen Summer 2015 Pearl Crush collection

I found this display at Walgreens in Union Square: Sally Hansen Summer 2015 Pearl Crush collection

They’re sticking with that slim, rectangular bottle shape that we saw with the color foils and the fancy top coats. I don’t mind it. They fit nicely in my shoe box, and I like it better than the pyramidal Insta-Dri bottles with their weird storage fit or Xtreme Wear cylindrical bottles (even though those are adorable), and way better than the tapered growth treatment bottles with the skinny tops or the Diamond Shine or Fuzzy Coat bottles with their hefty bases. Dang Sally, why you gotta drop so many lines at once? 

Here is a closer look: 


Looks like sheer, opalescent polish with large, round Mylar glitter. Could be fun, no? 

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Spotted: New Essie Gel-Setter


Now available at Target: Essie Gel-Setter a “new top coat for gel-like color and shine”! It comes with a regular polish color (I chose Essie Forever Yummy since I don’t own it yet), and should provide “ultimate wear”. We shall see! $14.99 (so $7.49 each, which is a better deal than $8.50 a bottle)

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Essie Suite Retreat


I am so glad I got my blurple-lovin’ hands on Essie Suite Retreat (Summer 2015 Resort collection)! Do you see it as blue or purple? I have a special shoe box for indigo blue cremes like these. Pardon the air bubbles on my middle finger, but I shook and applied in a hurry for these two easy coats. 

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OPI Next Stop…The Bikini Zone


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CurlyComedy Nail Art Swap 2015

 One of my favorite ways to celebrate my birthday now is with a nail polish swap. Ever since last year, when I rekindled my love for polish and became fascinated with the #Nailluminati (i.e. nail bloggers) I have enjoyed hunting and shopping for colors. The greatest deal of all is when they are brought to your door for free!

I wait until everyone leaves before I decide what comes home and what gets donated to the sidewalk. I now present MY #HAULlelujah from #ccnaNailSwap 2015 

1. Blues and greens I am curious about. How do they compare to what I already own? 

2. Essies I do not yet own nor had I ever heard of before today! Can’t wait to swatch these for you! I’m an Essie collector at heart. 

3. Vintage bottles I couldn’t let be donated to the sidewalk. What if they’re worth something on eBay? When were they born? What stories can they tell?

4. An Essie Tart Deco dupe (Revlon Peachy), a black from a Sally Hansen line I love, and varying colors with cool finishes 

5. Pinks and nudes I need to compare with my inventory (plus Sinful Colors Glass Pink is back in my life bc I felt bad taking such a classic back to the drug store)
What a fun day! This year I moved it out of my house and into a coffee shop so I could invite more people. I offered raffle prizes to share the things I love that make my manicures fun. My goal is to move the swap to a large enough venue that I can make it an event open to the public. But I want to be sure to keep things fair with what people bring and score, so no one hogs all the high-end colors. Weigh in with your ideas in the comments! 

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Dupe Test: Sinful Colors Zest of Times vs Sinful Colors Forget Now

I was looking for a pink Sinful Colors to serve as a base for my new Spring 2015 milky glitter topper when lo and behold I see two similar Sinfuls in my stash! On the left: Spring 2015 Citrus Twist glass fleck sheer topper Sinful Colors Zest Of Times. On the right: permanent shade  Sinful Colors Forget Now.  But how similar? To the Duperatory !        

The results are in! Zest of Times and Forget Now are NOT dupes. Both have lovely fuchsia shimmer in a jelly base, but Forget Now is more opaque (shown here in two coats). Zest of Times is designed to be a topper over other colors, but is shown here on its own in three coats.

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Sinful Colors Flower Power


Sinful Colors Flower Power (Spring 2015 Bloomblast collection) is a milky glitter made of fuchsia metallic hex, white matte hex and small, round fuchsia and white glitter in a sheer pink base. Shown here in three coats on the index finger, two coats over Sinful Colors Snow Me White on the thumb, and two coats over Sinful Colors Forget Now fuchsia glitter jelly. Fun in many ways and on its own: a lovely jelly sandwich (glitter between layers of sheer color).

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